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Friday, September 26, 2008


I rented a car from Avis this week. When I travel I usually rent from Hertz (love that their buses come the most frequent at the airport and that your car is waiting if you're a gold member) or National (love that you get to pick what car you want if you're part of Emerald club and skip the counter), but I was renting locally and Avis was the closest location that rented a Garmin. Hertz only rents Neverlost which I'm not crazy about.

The only car that they had available for rent was a convertible which was fine except I was driving to and from Toronto at a night and it ended up being quite loud inside. I rented a Garmin from them as well-- I picked up the car on Friday but wasn't driving to Toronto till Sunday. Sunday I got in the car, turned on the Garmin and was asked for a code. A code? I thought. Whenever I rented a Garmin from National I never had to enter a code. So I called the Avis 800 number since I new the local location was closed, they told me to look for a code on the contract (would have been nice if Avis had told me about the code), I entered the code several times and it didn't work. They said it was expired and told me to call the local rental location... since they weren't open they told me to call the closest location which was the airport location. I called and was on hold for an 1/2 hour before giving up and deciding I needed to get on the road. I ended up missing my exit in Toronto, calling Brad who guided me in... it took me about hour longer than it should have.

I called the local Avis location the next day, told them my story and they said 'well we could have just given you the code if we were open' and then they said that they'd look into. I said it would have been helpful if they had told me about the code and had entered it to see if worked.

When I rented the car, they said I could keep it for 5 days instead of 7 since it was the same cost. I called them on Thursday to see if it needed to be returned that day or Friday they said it had been due back Wed. I explained the situation and they said oh Friday.

When I brought the car in, I had to explain the Garmin situation again (the person working didn't know anything about it). He said 'why did you wait till Sunday to turn it on?' and 'the 800 number could have given you a code.' He said the best I can do is give you $15 off. At this point, I didn't care. It took him 15 minutest to try to find the code. Then he said I need to check the miles and gas, did you fill it up? And I said no and he said what? why not? I said because I had asked to bring it back empty. He said fine.

I'll try to avoid Avis in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the code a 4 digit pin or 6 digit pin?

I had the same trouble kept telling me it was a 6 digit pin but was really just a 4 digit.

September 20, 2009 at 12:33 PM  

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